White River

One of the most famous local dive sites, 'White River' (Aspros Potamos) hides itself just after the quaint fishing harbour of Agios Giorgos (St George), and flanked by slices of tall, weather beaten cliffs, when diving in Paphos - it doesn't get much better than this!

Just 20 minutes’ drive from the Kalliopi Dive College base and heading off the beaten tourist track right at the start of the Akamas peninsular we find a small pebble beach, your first view of which, coming from the top of the cliffs.  As you enter the Akamas region, you follow the road around a sharp bend and are greeted by the stunning view of the 'White River' dive site from above, showing where it gets its name from- as from here you can see the underwater sand bar cutting out through the bay giving the effect of a white river cutting through the ocean.

A dive site with a gentle slope into the water and then dropping off gradually, that is great for all levels of Scuba divers.  As we head out, we follow the 'White River' as it cuts around underwater rocky ledges and into a maze of gullies some of which drop down to 24 metres, offering the chance to explore the many hidden swim-throughs, small caves and caverns and drop offs, all of which offer a fantastic valley diving experience and make this a dive for the most discerning scuba diver.