Snorkel Latchi

Not a fan of boats? We will drive from Paphos to Latchi, renowned for its clear, warm, and calm sea conditions, for a full day of snorkelling with our instructor as your guide to the lovely coastline of Latchi where we will spend time checking out the marine life.
Adults & Children
Full Day

Prefer staying off boats? Join us for a road trip from Paphos to Latchi for a day full of snorkeling fun. Latchi is known for its crystal-clear, warm waters, making it perfect for snorkeling. With our guide leading the way, you'll explore the beautiful coastline and get up close with the marine life. We've got all the snorkeling gear you need, plus we'll handle the transfers to and from Latchi. It's a great way to enjoy the sea without stepping onto a boat!

Dive into a snorkeling adventure in Latchi, away from the boats! Our trip from Paphos offers a full day of exploring the clear, calm waters. Led by our expert instructor, you'll discover the stunning marine life along Latchi's coast. We provide everything - snorkeling kit and transfers. It's your chance to see the underwater world in a new light, all from the comfort of the shore.

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Amazing experience watching sea turtles
Wonderful experience for a couple of hours snorkelling in Cyprus. We were able to watch many sea turtles in the wild which we didn’t expect.
Daan Van Der Wal
Perfect customer Service Experience
We were visiting Paphos with my husband in November. Weather was still perfect so I wanted to make my love one happy and to find possibility of diving for him. Lovely lady on the phone answer all my questions, advised the best option and organized everything.
Katarzyna W
Bubble Maker
Took my daughter to do the bubble maker. The staff were amazing!!! They put us all at ease and my daughter had so much fun.
Lynda D