St. George - Caves

A truly amazing dive site with endless possibilities for all levels of divers.

A Kalliopi Dive College special!  An amazing dive site with a choice of entry points, from the main harbour of St George, to dropping down into a partially submerged cave and exiting underwater.  This dive site gives you the chance to experience multiple swim-throughs, underwater arches, several large caves and even a blowhole.  For the more advanced diver a stunning wall drop off that goes down 50 to 60 metres is also located behind the island of St George.

A stunning dive site with depths varying from just 2m all the way down to the 60 metre drop off, and an island that is small enough to dive multi level all the way around. With an abundance of marine life, and one of the caves covered in purple & pink calciferous algae there are some colourful photo opportunities.

A large shoal of yellow fin barracuda is regularly seen here, along with Wrasse, Octopus, Tuna, Sea Bream, Loggerhead Turtles, and much more.