Sea Caves

A stunning area of caves carved into the coastline and found just before the fishing harbor of Agios Giorgos (St George). This part of the Paphos coastline is well known for its superb visibility and its rich sea life.  This site can be accessed from either shore or boat with depths ranging from 12 to 36 metres.  Until recently the Sea Caves area was an undeveloped region, raw in its landscape - it is now known for its luxury villa developments and fantastic picturesque coastline and scenery.

Despite the development of the area, it remains one of the most beautiful parts of the Paphos region and good views of the caves can be seen by car from the coastal road.  As stunning above the water as it is below, this dive site offers a truly diverse experience for all levels of Scuba divers. From the moment you enter, the beauty of the area is instantly apparent.  With a rocky bottom full of small crevices and holes perfect for exploring for the underwater macro photographer.

Here at Kalliopi Dive College we offer you two very different dive experiences, the first heading around the headland with several swim-throughs hidden around this volcanic rock area. A great picture opportunity awaits of an underwater motorbike, sitting bolt upright and stranded amongst the rocks.

The second dive gives you the chance to experience a wall dive as we head around the cliffs.  Towards Agios Giorgios, we either take in various hidden caves and holes, or head out the bay where depths of 36 metres are attainable.

From this point on towards Agios Giorgos some of the very best shore diving opportunities in the Mediterranean can be found.  Small coves create walk-in access points and provide ample opportunity to explore.