Boat Ramp

Close to the fishing harbour of Agios Giorgos (St George) and the Sea Caves, you will find a boat ramp used by local fishermen. The ramp is perfectively positioned in a naturally sheltered cove, offering excellent visibility during the dives, and giving Scuba divers the opportunity to enter and exit the site safely and easily.  

Its immediate geology is crammed with interesting rock formations, colours and depths.  From here, one can easily head across to the nearby island, allowing a great range in depth for all levels of divers, from 6-18 metres.

An alternate route heads out across a large sandbar teaming with sea-life surrounding the various small reefs and sea grass areas, a great place for octopus spotting and some underwater macro photography for those divers who want those up-close shots. The dive site leads on to a submerged tiered wall sitting at 18 metres, with a huge array of ancient pottery and ornaments almost littering the sea bed. A fantastic dive site for all levels from Open Water divers, to the more advanced levels.

Another one of our favourite dive sites, here at Kalliopi Dive College.