“ The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. ” (Jacques-Yves Cousteau)


Friday, February 26, 2021
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The Zenobia Shipwreck

The magnificent Zenobia shipwreck is consistently ranked among the top 10 wreck dives in the world!

History of the Zenobia:

Built in 1979 in Sweden, the Zenobia, a roll-on roll-off ferry was on her maiden voyage destined for Syria via Crete, Greece (Pireaus Port) and Cyprus.  Her final Middle East destination was never reached.  Plagued throughout the journey with steering and listing problems, it was discovered that their cause lay in her ballast tanks.  The problems were thought to have been rectified whilst in Piraeus, so the captain moved onwards towards Syria via Larnaca where she arrived on June 3rd 1980. The listing problem reappeared and 4 days later, on June 7th 1980, Zenobia sank, fully laden with her £200million cargo contained in 104 lorries just outside the port of Larnaca.  Her final resting place is 42 metres deep.




The Dive Site:

One of the most famous and amazing dive sites you will ever visit. The maximum depth here is 42metres, with the wreck starting at around 16metres, with possibly the best visibility in the whole of the Med, and some marine life that is unique to this site.


The Wreck:  

The 178 m (584 ft) long Zenobia Wreck, (aka 'The Zen'), has been consistently voted one of the top ten dive sites in the world since she sank in 1980, just 1.5 kilometres from  Larnaca harbour. Over 100 lorries were on her decks when she went down.  It's truly a fantastic dive site with stunning visibility almost year round and its start depth sits at just 16 metres (52ft), with plenty to see from the outside.  Divers may swim along the starboard side of the ship looking down through the accommodation corridors and down across the main deck.

The Zenobia shipwreck provides plenty of options for divers of all advanced levels, with the top of the wreck sitting at just 16 metres at its shallowest point, and 42 metres down to the seabed, and with hundreds of different penetration dive options available from heading through the upper car deck on a 72 metre penetration dive, to making the 80 metre journey through the accommodation corridor.

For the technical diver there are also plenty of more advanced dives available, from heading into the lower car deck, a 172 metre penetration dive running the entire length of the wreck, where you can see the only car and a JCB, and also the infamous ‘engine room’ – you’ll need your torches and reels handy for these! 

Ranked among the top 10 wreck dive sites worldwide, Zenobia remains a positively must-see wreck.   We offer 2 Dive packages to Zenobia which run once or twice per week in high Summer.

Price: €135 per person including all scuba gear, return transfers from Paphos Resort to Larnaca Port, refreshments and buffet lunch on board the dive boat. 




Check out this video of our team having a bit of fun on the amazing Zenobia:


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