“ The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. ” (Jacques-Yves Cousteau)


Friday, February 26, 2021
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Coral Bay
Angel Fish
Diving the Zenobia
The mighty Zenobia Shipwreck
Diving Buddys
Diving in 'The Bay'
Sentido Cypria Bay Hotel
Loggerhead Turtle
Caretta Caretta
Green Sea Turtle
  • The Best

    From start to finish this team excelled! Deborah (the boss!) was brilliant in organizing our family's first diving experience which we all absolutely loved. Danny & team were awesome!
    Jackie - UK
    May 8, 2012
  • Great Day !!

    So pleased I did a dive with Danny! He was patient and explained everything clearly, which helped my confidence. Excellent visibility and lots of colourful fish. Thank you Danny. x
    Mandy - UK
    Apr 18, 2012
  • Fantastic Experience

    This was my first time diving, the instructors were great and very patient! Was a great experience, would definitely recommend!
    Fliss - UK
    May 7, 2012
  • WOW

    1st Dive with Danny- first in the pool, then in the sea- Amazing! Danny is a very good and patient teacher, makes you feel real at ease. We both will continue diving now as we definitely caught the 'bug'! Great experience and Danny definitely made it worth it.
    Monique + Neville - Netherlands & UK
  • Our second dive with Danny. What a cool dude! And again we had lots of fun & saw many new types of fish! Danny has encouraged us to take up diving, so maybe we will see him again! Great experience & wish Danny & all his future customers the same amount of fun that we had! Hurrah! x
    Gennie & Tom - UK
  • Absolutely fantastic! My first experience of SCUBA diving - won't be my last!! Fabulous instructors, competent, friendly, really put you at ease. Best money ever spent. Thankyou, thankyou thankyou - finished off our holiday perfectly. xx
    Jayne + Simon - UK
  • Our first ever dive!!! Was fantastic - Danny was a great Instructor!!! We learnt lost of new skills & saw tons of fish. A great experience and some stunning memories :(November 2014)
    Tom and Gen - UK
  • This was my second dive during my holiday. Danny was an amazing instructor. I felt like I learnt a lot and will deffo be diving again. A very fun + enjoyable experience with lots of laughs. x (November 2014)
    Sarah - UK
  • Excellent - Learnt more in the one day diving with Kalliopi and Danny than we did in the last 12 months and 20 other dives - would DEFINITELY be back. (October 2014)
    Paul and Nathan - Durham, England
  • Amazing first dive with Sean. Fantastic instructor & I will deffo be returning. Thank you guys :-) xx
    Sarah - UK
  • Great day spent with Danny + Sean. My little boy Oliver loved it. The day got better when we went into the sea. Brilliant !!! (October 2014)
    Eddie + Oliver (age 8) - Liverpool, England
  • V.Good day doing my SCUBA diving course, after doing my basic back in May. Excellent instruction, well managed and explained by instructor. Maybe I will invest in some kit for myself next time. Thank you. (October 2014)
    Simon - York, England
  • Thank you, lovely, just lovely!
    Mr. G Vickers - UK
  • Fantastic ! Enjoyed the time in the water, the ocean is so beautiful! Both instructors were friendly and patient and most helpful. I am definitely considering continuing with diving! (October 2014)
    Catherine - UK
  • It was a really AMAZING experience! (October 2014)
    Ron, Joel & Timo - Netherlands
  • Thank you ! I had the best time EVER. Would love to do it again. Holly. p.s Dad loved it! (October 2014)
    Holly Sullivan (age 9) - UK
  • Super ! Had such a great time swimming around and feeding the fish. I got a souvenir rock! (October 2014)
    Connor (age 11) & Allane (age 10) - UK
  • Brilliant experience. Very nervous to begin with, but we succeeded ! (October 2014)
    Robert & Jackie - UK
  • Excellent experience! Very nervous to begin with, but the instructors soon made me feel at ease. So fun and something I'll do again for sure. Thank you (October 2014)
    Kerry & Michelle - UK
  • Amazing time, fantastic instructors and training - it's a MUST do, and would do again and again! (October 2014)
    John & Chris - UK
  • Today our second dive ! AGAIN it felt "WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW ! We'll come back - that's for sure ! Thanks guys, it was great! (October 2014)
    Lyset and Luuk - Netherlands
  • Thank you so much again for our second dive. Both of us felt so much more confident and managed to see more incredible fish. Great instructors, just sad we can't do it again (before we go home) ! xx (October 2014)
    Olivia & Lamiah
  • Thankyou so much guys!!! We experienced a difficult start, but made it because of your patience & help. It was very exciting & the views in the sea were amazing! Keep convincing people at the pool to do this... Thank you so much.
    Simon and Claudia - Belgium
  • WOW - It was amazing ! First it was a little bit scary, but at the end you start enjoying it so much. Thanks for giving us trust in diving! xx (October 2014)
    Lyset and Luuk - Netherlands
  • Once in a lifetime experience, was nervous at first, but felt safe with such reassuring instructors. Can't wait to come back and try it again! Thank you so much! xx (October 2014)
    Lamiah & Olivia - UK
  • Great mornings diving - very patient & understanding instructors. Thanks (October 2014)
    Gareth & Lisa Shilton - UK
  • Awesome, loved it. Danny was just average - jokes, he was amazing (and Sean was too!) from Hannah, the BEST customer. x
    Hannah Squire - UK
  • Was such a cool experience, Danny was okay, Sean was fab. Lots of love, Jennifer (two n's!), (jokes - Dannys was awesome!!)
    Jennifer Squire - UK
  • Great experience, Sean was a great teacher. Was extremely fun and brilliant views under water. Thanks
    Nathan and Lynsey - UK
  • What a great morning we had with Sean & Danny, saw lots of fish and loved every minute of it. Will definitely do it again. Thanks for the experience. (October 2014)
    Dave and Becky - UK
  • I was nervous about diving at first, but Danny did an excellent job of putting me at ease - very patient and thorough. Saw loads of fish, which was amazing, had a thoroughly enjoyable time :-) Would definitely recommend, Many thanks. x
    Kensley - UK
  • What an amazing wonderful experience... a fantastic world down there! Thank you so much! We just loved it!! (October 2014)
    Robyn & Carolyn - Switzerland
  • Fantastic experience. Loved learning how to dive and having a swim around the bay. Cool fish, especially the ones with green/blue heads.
    HK & Cags - UK
  • Awesome experience, awesome instructor, would definitely do it again. x (September 2014)
    Jemma and Dave - UK
  • Diving was great, loved the fish and instructors were great. Definitely do it again. (September 2014)
    Kane - UK
  • DIVING WAS AMAZING! Loved it so much, was very VERY nervous initially but Danny helped me get past my nerves and enjoy the dive so much - I came back again! Thank you for your help! Aimee. xxx
    Aimee - UK
  • Fantastic experience for my little boy, many MANY thanks (August 2014)
    Lee and Liam (age 9) - UK
  • The staff were very nice and humerous!
    Josh - UK
  • Thanks guys, A great dive, great instruction + great humour, will DEFINITELY come back again !!! (August 2014)
    Jon, Dan and Josh - UK
  • Thank you so much. Fabulous experience from the 8 year old up to the 47 year old !! Highly recommend. (August 2014)
    Jeremy (47), Jake (8), Libby (12), Sophie (14) - UK
  • Fabulous time - amazing instructors 10/10 and very patient - great experience :-)
    Brodie - UK
  • Thanks for the very nice dive and the good instructors!
    Wouter - Germany
  • I had dived before, but never fed the fish underwater which was an amazing experience (August 2014)
    Breen - Holland
  • Fantastic amazing experience! Great teaching, really helpful and patient! Hopefully do it again soon! (August 2014)
    Chloe and Brian - UK
  • I had a fantastic time, I hope I can come again soon. I loved seeing lots of fish
    Fraser (8) and Niamh (11) - UK
  • Fun games and place to explore, you wouldn't want to miss it (from Jasper)
    Jasper (age 8) - UK
  • A great experience. Well worth the effort. Had a fantastic time (August 2014)
    Diego & Sarah - UK
  • Great teaching, patience, humour, an experience not to be missed, remember to say hello to the fish for us.
    Laura and Craig - UK
  • WOW! Great diving trip today!! Best thing EVER !! :-) (August 2014)
    Oliver and Chris - UK
  • Great atmosphere, calm and professional instructors - it was a great experience! Thank you (August 2014)
    Jens - Holland
  • Thank you for an amazing first dive! It was awesome. Kesha and Danny are great people. Keep on going :-) (August 2014)
    Michael and Andrew - UK
  • Superb journee, une tres belle experience, les moniteurs sont tres agreables
    Niels and Lin - France
  • Amazing first dive, really enjoyed it. Thanks so much. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful - inspired me to get my PADI
    Olivia - UK
  • LOVED IT ! Amazing experience ! :) (August 2014)
    Laura - UK
  • Thank you so much for the beautiful, colourful, pretty afternoon, it was fun and I want to do it again some time! (August 2014)
    Eja (age 8 - Bubblemaker)
  • A huge thankyou to Tasha for helping the boys get over their fear of the sea. They thoroughly enjoyed it, with your patience & guidance. Thankyou. (August 2014)
    Sonya, Jimmy, Jake and Samuel - UK
  • AMAZING, TOTALLY AWESOME :) Thanks guys, great experience, double thumbs up xx (August 2014)
    Jade, Libby and Toby - UK
  • A BIG thank you to the team. We had a fantastic experience and as newly weds, felt very safe. (August 2014)
    Gem and Matthew - UK
  • A warm thankyou,... we had a fantastic time! (August 2014)
    Hayley, Andrew & Owen Alison - UK
  • Thank you for a GREAT dive !! (August 2014)
    Patrick & Joshua Stockman - UK
  • Thankyou for an amazing experience and for all the patience. (August 2014)
    Gavin James - Newcastle, UK
  • Thank you for a great morning, VERY enjoyable !
    Jack and Katie - UK
  • So pleased I did a dive with Danny! He was patient and explained everything clearly which helped my confidence. Excellent visibility and lots of colourful fish. (November 2014)
    Mandy - UK
  • Amazing, absolutely loved it! Instructors so friendly & professional - would highly recommend. (April 2014)
    Mathew Segwick - UK
  • My first time diving. Had an excellent time...(Apr 2013)
    Tom Archer - England
  • It was wonderful - the sea is so full of life. My instructor was brilliant... so good... (Apr 2013)
    Susie - Scotland
  • My first time diving, what a wonderful experience... (Apr2013)
    Ian Cotton - Canada
  • This dive was so amazing. It was my first time ever diving. The fish and marine life was great & beautiful. (Apr 2013)
    Isobel Coulson-Bonner - Australia
  • Thanks for great time, fun and unforgettable experience and professionalism of our instructors. Definitely recommended (Apr 2013)
    Tomek & Konrad - Poland
  • Our 4 girls had a great experience and we will have to take up diving as a hobby when we return home. (May 2013)
    Siri Bralastad - Norway
  • Only 9 years old but loved every minute. Very safe, learned a lot. Definitely will keep it up. Thanks! Roman - (April 2014)
    Roman - UK
  • Great Experience, would love to continue it and it was great fun. Thank you. Finlay (April 2014)
    Finlay - UK