“ The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. ” (Jacques-Yves Cousteau)


Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Fish of the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most biologically diverse seas on the planet, highly considered to be a worldwide ‘hotspot’ for its biodiversity and with many species endemic to this ‘mini ocean’, it is somewhere that every diver should be visiting.  Stretching over an area over 2.5 million km², and hosting some of the worlds most famous dive sites, a sea hiding gems from ancient shipwrecks like the Phoenician wreck of Malta, to the more recent ‘Zenobia’ right here in Cyprus - rated as one of the world's top 10 wreck dives.  With literally thousands of islands and an endless possibility of dive locations, the Mediterranean is a treat for anyone that gets the chance to dive here, and Cyprus is rated as one of the best of them all.
Below is a list of just some of the Mediterranean marine life that you might get the chance to see while diving here in Paphos, Cyprus  ….
Sphyraena - 1.5m – 2m
Bearded Fireworm
Hermodice Carunculata - 10cm
Black Sea Urchin
Arbacia Lixula - 15cm
Black Tailed Wrasse
Symphodus Melanocarcus - 5cm
Blacktip Shark
Carcharhinus limbatus – 1.5m
Blue Runner
Caranx Crysos - 30cm
Blue Shark
Prionace glauca – 1.5m to 3m
Blue Triggerfish
Pseudobalistes Fuscus - 40cm
Bluefin Tuna
Thunnus Thynnus – 1m to 2m
Bull Shark
Carcharhinus leucas – 2m to 2.5m
Apogon Imberbis - 10cm
Common Dentex
Dentex Dentex - 1m
Common Dolphin
Stenella coeruleoalba – 2.4m to 2.6m

Common Lobster
Homarus Gammarus - 40cm

Common Stingray
Dasyatis Pastinaca - 60cm

Conger Eel
common around shipwrecks –up to 3-4m

Copper Shark
Carcharhinus brachyurus – 2 m to 3.5m

Cow Bream          
Sarpa Salpa / Saupe - 50cm

Sepia Officinalis - 40cm

Chromis Chromis - 15cm

Dusky Grouper
Epinephelus Marginatus - 1.5m

Eagle Ray
Myliobatis Aquilla - 1.5m

Bothus Podas - 40cm

Flying Fish
Cheilopogon Furcatus - 30cm

Fragile Brittlestar
Ophiothrix Fragilis - 6cm

Gorgonian Corals
Paramuricea Clavata

Great Hammerhead Shark
Sphyrna mokarran – 4m to 6m
Great White Shark
Carcharodon carcharias – 3m to 8m

Greater Forkbeard
Phycis Phycis - 70cm

Greater Weeverfish
Trachinus Draco - 40cm

Green Sea Turtle
Chelonia mydas – Up to 1.5m
Grey Triggerfish
Balistes capriscus - 60cm
Grouper (Common)
Anyperidon /Cromileptes - 1m
Mediterranean Jellyfish
Cotylorhiza Tuberculata - 35cm in diamater

John Dory
Zeus Faber - 40cm

Lady Godiva Nudibranch
Godiva Banyulensis - 5cm

Lesser Spotted Dogfish
Scyliorchinus Canicula - 1m

Pterois radiata– 5cm to 45cm

Synodus Saurus - 30cm

Loggerhead Turtle
Caretta Caretta – 1m to 3m

Long Armed Brittlestar
Ophioderma Longicauda - 15cm

Long-Snout Sea Horse
Hippocampus Ramulosus - 15cm 

Mediterranean Cerith snail
Cerithium Vulgatum - 6cm

Monk Seal
Monachus monachus – 2.4m

Moray Eel
Muraena Helena - 1.5m

Neptune Grass
Posidonia Oceanica - 1m

Oceanic Whitetip Shark
Carcharhinus longimanus - 4m

Ocellated Wrasse
Symphodus Ocellatus - 10cm

Ornate Wrasse
Thalassoma - 20cm

Painted Comber
Serranus Scriba - 30cm

Sparisoma Cretense - 50cm

Peacock Worm
Sabella Pavonina - 7cm

Pearly Razorfish
Xyrichthys Novacula - 20cm

Spicara Maena - 25cm

Pink Flatworm
Prostheceraeus Giesbrechtii - 2cm

Sygnathus Acus - 40cm

Queen Scallop
Aequipecten Opercularis - 8cm

Rainbow Wrasse
Coris Julis - 15cm

Red Hermit Crab
Dardanus Calidus - 2cm

Red Scorpionfish
Scorpaena Scrofa - 15cm

Red Triplefin Blenny
Helcogramma Steinitzi - 20cm
Saddled Seabream
Oblada melanura - 30cm
Sand Tiger Shark
Carcharias Taurus – 3m average
Sandbar Shark
Carcharhinus plumbeus – 2m to 2.5m

Sea Bass
Dicentrarchus Labrax - 1m

Sea Hare
Aplysia Punctata - 40cm

Sea Potato
Halocinthya Papillosa - 12cm

Sevengill Shark
Notorynchus cepedianus– 1.3m to 1.7m
Shortfin Mako Shark
Isurus oxyrinchus – 3.2m
Smooth Hammerhead Shark
Sphyrna zygaena – 5m

Smooth Hound
Mustelus Mustelus - 1.5m

Sargocentron Rubrum - 15cm

Uranoscopus Scaber - 40cm

Streaked Gurnard
Trigloporus Lastoviza - 40cm

Striped Blenny
Parablennius Rouxi - 7cm

Striped Bream
Lithognathus Mormyrus - 50cm

Striped Grouper
Epinephelus Costae - 1m

Striped Mullet
Mullus Surmuletus - 40cm

Swallowtail Seaperch
Anthias Anthias - 10cm

Thornback Ray
Raja Clavata - 90cm

Tiger Shark
Galeocerdo cuvier – 5m

Triton Trumpet
Charonia Tritonis - 40cm

Trumpet Anemone
Aiptasia Mutabilis - 15cm

Fistularia Commersonii - 20cm

Two Banded Bream
Diplodus Vulgaris - 40cm

White Spotted Octopus
Octopus Macropus - 1m

White Tipped Nudibranch
Coryphella Pedata - 5cm

Yellow Cup Coral
Leptosammia Pruvoti - 2cm 
Zebra Sea Bream
Diplodus Cervinus - 50cm 
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