“ The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. ” (Jacques-Yves Cousteau)


Friday, February 26, 2021
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Diving in Paphos is incomplete without a dive at the Ampitheatre.  So called because of its natural amphitheatre-like shape and sea-carved tiers of rock steps, - the beauty of this stunning location also offers reefs, walls, hard corals and a huge array of varying marine life – a perfect location for underwater photography and a great dive site for everyone.  It is found just after the Coral Bay and Coralia Bay Tourist beaches in the direction of Agios Giorgos/Akamas. This dive site enjoys excellent visibility and offers the diver a truly unique and interesting geological perspective.  It offers three different dive areas, all directly from the shore:




The Witches Cauldron - a 10 metre deep hole dropping off from a sandy shelf - so called due to the effect caused by the waves breaking the back wall as it protrudes from the water. Once inside just take a moment to stop and look up from the bottom to see how it’s earned its nickname - a must-see bubbling phenomena.  The 'cauldron' has tiered walls with plenty of nooks and crannies hiding all sorts of marine life.  A great place to spot trumpet fish, various types of wrasse, sea hares and much more.  One of our favourite local dive sites and great for all levels from Open Water to Advanced divers.

The Amphitheatre - a fantastic natural rock 'amphitheatre' created from underwater currents and sitting at a maximum depth of 12 metres. With tiered sides that have been perfectly formed, looking too good to be natural!  Home to the once famous 'Scuba Santa' which unfortunately has since been removed, but the original stand is still in place.  This dive offers the chance to venture into the 'gully' which drops down to 14 metres and leads around to the 'black hole', a great site at around 9 metres deep with near vertical sides; and a beautiful broken arch swim-through.

The ‘STAGE’ - this site gets its name from a large overhang that has a central hole, and with the sun shining down through the hole it creates the effect of a lit stage.  A stunning area to explore with the chance to go through a couple of swim-throughs.   Some great photo opportunities to be had here.  The Stage offers you the chance to see an abundance of marine life from all members of the Wrasse family, plenty of Bass and Bream, Blennys, Sea Cucumbers, the occasional Loggerhead and Green Marine Turtles, and even the occasional Seal and Stingray!

Amphitheatre is firmly on our 'must-see' dive site list for the Paphos region.  





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